GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — A fiery singular vehicular accident involving a stolen pickup truck claimed the life of the driver. The police are now in the process of identifying the unknown driver.

The incident happened near Grain Valley on a Tuesday morning. According to the deputies of the Jackson County Sheriff, the pickup truck was reportedly traveling at a high speed on the narrow Arnett road. The speed limit posted in the area is 35 mph and the vehicle traveled past that limit when it lost control, rolled over, crash through a fence before bursting into flames.

The driver was ejected from the vehicle as the pickup truck toppled over.

There were no evidences found that would determine the identity of the male driver.

The pickup truck was discovered to be a stolen vehicle from Lee’s Summit.

When the incident happened, the vehicle was not being chased by the state troopers.

As investigators surveyed the crash scene, they found several containers of alcoholic beverages littered all over the place.

The medical examiner is now in the process of determining the identity of the driver.

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 Car Theft Suspect Dies in Fiery Crash