Sarah Ann Derstein is facing Homicide by Vehicle while Driving Under The Influence. This is in connection to a hit and run crash that left one teen dead and another with a broken elbow. The accident occurred on Route 309 in Hatfield Township, April 26th.

Investigator reports that Dertsein was driving on Route 309 when she struck two teenagers who were walking on the shoulder of the road. 15 year-old Dennis Kee was thrown over the guardrail and landed in a filed 10 – 15 feet from the roadway. He was rushed to Lehigh Valley Medical Center and was later pronounced dead. The other teen, Deshawn Page suffered a broken elbow. Derstein drove away from the scene.

According to investigators Derstein returned to the area one hour after the crash and told a police officer that she hit something on Route 309. Investigators who talked to Derstein suspect that she had been drinking alcohol.

Police took her to Abington Lansdale Hospital to provide a blood sample. Lab tests reveal that her Blood Alcohol Content was .167, more than twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

Police investigation reveals that Derstein was reading a text message during the accident and had consumed multiple alcoholic beverages prior to the incident. A search warrant for her car revealed marijuana inside a cigarette pack.

DA Risa Ferman explains, “You had her leaving the bar after five hours, text messaging back and forth with someone while she was driving and ironically the subject matter of the text messages was her being on her way to meet the person who supplies her with marijuana”.

Her bail was set at $100,000. She is facing charges of Homicide by Vehicle While Driving Under the Influence, Homicide by Vehicle, Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury, Aggravated Assault by Vehicle While Driving Under the Influence, Driving Under the Influence, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Unsworn Falsification to Authorities, Possession of Marijuana, and related traffic summaries.

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