Countless lives had been taken away because of vehicular accidents. What is more depressing is that many of these lives are the lives of innocent victims who were just unfortunately involved with the tragedy because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of these incidents involve the plight of suspects who had stolen vehicles. Some are successful while others are not. Those who were unfortunate either wound up in jail or wind up dead.

Unfortunately, many of them also take innocent lives with them.
Last night, one man was killed after crashing the vehicle he stole while he scrambled to flee from the pursuing police at East Madison Street and East Seneca.

He was trapped and pinned down with the vehicle he stole. He was rushed to Harborview Medical Center with life threatening injuries wherein he succumbed to death a couple of hours later. It was later found out that the suspect has an arrest warrant at Bainbridge Islands for Driving while Intoxicated, His license was suspended during the time of the accident.

The man was only known to be in the age of 38. No further identification was released by the authorities.

According to the police, they noticed a group of people huddled near a car on 17th Avenue East and East Madison Street. Two men were outside and one man was inside the vehicle. The police were suspicious of them so they run a background check of the vehicle’s plates and found out that it was a stolen vehicle.

The two men outside tried to block their faces by turning their backs. When additional officers show up, the two men told the man inside to go ahead. Although the man seemed to have hesitated, he complied, struck the officer’s vehicle before speeding away.

The police gave a brief chase for about 10 minutes. The suspect tried to lose the police by swerving into different directions. The chase ended after the suspect crashed into a power pole on East Seneca. The impact of the crash almost threw the driver off the vehicle.

The driver was then rushed to the hospital wherein he later perished.
The police do not just give a police chase because they are given a policy about doing a police chase and as it appeared, the officers were within the bounds of the policy.

The two men who were standing outside the vehicle were brought in for further questioning and investigation.

The incident was only one of the incidents wherein a stolen vehicle pursuit claimed lives. About a week ago, two people had been killed because the suspect of car theft tried to escape the pursuing police. Unfortunately, the two who perished were only innocent victims.

A week ago, a woman who drove a stolen vehicle was attempting to escape pursuing Kent officers. She ended up colliding with a vehicle carrying two people, 65-year-old Dick Jones and 56-year-old Mary Lou Jones, at an intersection on the south end of Sea-Tac International airport.

The suspect who drove the stolen vehicle, identified as 21-year-old Michelle Gunderson, is now facing charges of second-degree murder.

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