PENN HILLS, Pa. — Early Tuesday morning, the Jaws of Life was by the emergency crews to save a driver after he smashed his vehicles into two utility poles at the hillside of Penn Hills.

Police reported that at around 1:30 o’clock in the morning, an accident occurred along the vicinity of Allegheny River Boulevard and Nadine Road.

According to the investigators, the driver of the sport utility vehicle sustained injuries as he was trapped inside his vehicle. One witness told the police that the man said he had one other passenger with him but the rescue team found no one.

Witness Mohammed Alrifai said it was a weird thing as they found a pink jacket inside the car which they thought belonged to the man’s wife, girlfriend or a small kid. They covered the entire ground of the railroad tracks but there was no one else.

The driver, whose name and current condition were not released to the public, was immediately delivered to the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

Due to the mishap, the routes along Allegheny River Boulevard between Sandy Creek Road and Washington Boulevard were closed while crews worked to repair the utility lines.

Road accidents have a way in dealing with utility poles. Day after Christmas, the police in Olney reported that a driver smashed into a utility pole. According to the traffic report, December 26, 2012, the accident happened around 12:30 o’clock in the morning on North Broad Street, near Olney Avenue, in the city’s Olney section.

Due to the crash, the pole was broken in half causing the wires to hang down near the Albert Einstein Medical Center. The operator of the vehicle sustained head injury and was immediately delivered to the local hospital.

There is no information on what caused the driver to lose control as police are conducting their investigation.

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