ORLANDO, Fla. — A driver rode along a guardrail of the I-4 overpass at Orange Blossom Trail on early Monday morning before it crashed into an embankment and then rolled off to the bottom of a ditch 50 feet below after the driver had lost control of his vehicle, according to Orlando Police Department.

Contributory factors to the crash such as alcohol and speed are still being looked into by the investigators. The crash had seriously injured 22-year old David Scheafer from Orlando. Scheafer was fortunately revived at Orlando Regional Medical Center after the police had thought he had died.

Several witnesses told WFTV that Scheafer was speeding. Investigators say that Scheafer was thrown out of his vehicle which the witnesses had reported that he was going at a high speed before his car rode the wall barrier and then rolling off down the embankment.

Sgt. Barb Jones of the Orlando Police Department had said that speed may have been a contributory factor in the crash per witnesses’ accounts where they said that Scheafer had passed various cars before he ended in the concrete barrier and then rolling down the embankment.

Scheafer was immediately brought to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he was revived multiple times by the doctors after he arrive with no breath and pulse. He had at least undergone one operation.

Scheafer was combative and conscious just right after the rescuers saved him. The impact could have occurred in the middle of the street but Scheafer ended 20 to 30 feet.

Jones said that it’s the problem with car losing control. You never know where you end up.

When Scheafer rolled off the bridge, investigators believe he was not wearing any seat belt. If the car did not land on the road, it would just be a matter of timing.

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