Until today, the block of car wreckage still remains a mystery.

It all started when a driver lost control of his car and smashed against 21 vehicles on a double block stretch along the neighborhood of Fairmount late Wednesday night. Police are wondering why it happened and are trying piece the information together.

One person in the neighborhood said that all he heard were sounds of metal shards falling which resulted when the driver of the Chrysler sedan could no longer manage his vehicle and hit more than a dozen cars along a narrow lane in a section in Fairmont.

Investigators found out that the  23-year-old driver of the sedan lost control of the vehicle he was erratically until he struck all the 21 parked cars before halting  at Poplar and 19th Streets.

Gitau Kaggia one of the victims said that he was shocked that more than 20 cars in a row were hit. The second victim said he heard a loud boom and the third victim thought it was an 18- wheeler.

When the emergency crew arrived, the driver was out cold. He was delivered to Hahnemann Hospital and was in a stable condition by Thursday afternoon.

Authorities said that one of the prevailing factors was the speed. But they are also looking into other causes which made the unidentified driver lose control. They are investigating of the possibility of other causes and are waiting for the toxicology test result.

Police considered speed as one of the factors but there are other possibilities what else caused the unidentified driver to lose control of his vehicle. Investigators are awaiting toxicology results as they are also considering that a medical condition could be responsible for the wreck.

It was in the investigator’s report that a 23-year-old driver losing control of his vehicle struck 21 parked cars until he was able to stop at the Poplar and 19th Streets.

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