TORONTO – The driver that left one of his friends to die underwater when the car overturned after a “reckless escapade” has its appeal lost.

The suspect and driver, Lawrence Bush, received the highest sentence ever upheld for the specific case. Bush received 12 years sentence that would normally be a 10 year sentence.

On June 21, 2009, were drinking and taking in Percocet pills and went on a drunken driving escapade at Lambton County for a ‘crop tour’ on speeds that reach up to 170 kilometres an hour. His blood alcohol level was four times over the deemed limit.
At one instance, one of his friend, Roland Bruno, clung to the car’s hood and went hood surfing while Bush drove at a rate of more than 110 mph.

The car drove into a ditch and his friends persuaded him to no avail to go slowly this time but Bush continued his ‘outrageous driving.’

With Bruno back inside the car, Bush continued the high speed escapade when his car flipped over and landed upside down on a stream.

One of Bush’s passengers along with Bruno, who was unconscious due to excess alcohol consumption, was trapped inside the vehicle. Bruno had his head submerged in the water. Bush was able to get out and refused to extricate them unless they agreed on a fabricated story.

When police arrived more than 20 minutes after, Bush denied neither being the driver nor knowing any of his passengers. Bruno was already dead when a passerby pulled him out of the water.

Bush had appealed stating that 12 years was over the normal range of fatal drunk driving cases but the Appeal Court’s three-judge panel said Bush’s “egregious” behaviour justifies it.

Bush’s lawyer, Gord Cudmore, is considering taking the matter to Supreme Court of Canada.

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