One state trooper’s heroic act may have saved the lives of many people on late Sunday night.

This brave state trooper put his life in danger in an attempt to stop a wrong way driver as well as prevent any more damage the wrong way driver may cause.

The wrong way driver was reported to be traveling west on the eastbound lanes of Highway 520. Additional reports say that two vehicles had crashed after attempting to avoid the wrong way driver.
State trooper Andrew Boyer was the one who responded on the scene. His lights and sirens were on as he made his way onto the scene.

However, 27-year-old Boyer was faced into a situation wherein he had to make a decision. Boyer saw the car traveling to his direction and Boyer was trapped. He knew that he would eventually hit something. So he finally decided that he will make the best out of the situation even though he will be putting his life in the line.

Boyer decided that he would rather take a hit that would somehow disable the wrong way driver, thus, preventing potential tragedies. He took the crash with the wrong way driver.

His patrol car was damaged. The patrol car’s axle was broken. The wrong way driver meanwhile was not deterred by the crash. He continued to drive away but not for long.

After continuing to travel Interstate 5, in the wrong way still, his vehicle finally gave up and stopped.

Although his vehicle stopped, it did not stop the wrong way driver from escaping. He ran on foot and attempted to jump over a barrier but ended up falling approximately feet.

The police was able to arrest him. The suspect had sustained injuries both from the vehicular crash and the fall. He was brought to Harborview Medical Center to receive medical treatment.

The suspect was identified to be a 26-year-old man from Seattle. It appears that alcohol had played a factor in the escapade he led. The driver will face several charges including drunk driving.

Perhaps due to alcohol intoxication, the suspect had seemed not to notice that he was already driving the wrong way on the interstate despite encountering close calls with colliding with other motorists traveling on the interstate.

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