A DUJ motorist was seriously injured when he caused a three-vehicle wreck on the West Side. Police added that three other people were also injured.

Harrison District police Lt. John Andrews said that further charges are pending for Eduardo Perez, 34, of Commonwealth Drive in Bolingbrook. Aside from charges over the injury of three other people, he was also charged with misdemeanor DUI alcohol and DUI drugs.

Perez had already been previously charged for drunken driving, reckless driving, and overtaking on the left. While his license was suspended, he continued driving even though he has no insurance and no valid vehicle registration.

Authorities are planning to upgrade the charges to felonies against him. He was not afraid to drive without a license after it was suspended for a previous DUJ.

The intersection of Homan Avenue and Lake Street in the northeast corner of Garfield Park was the scene of the crash.

Travelling at high speed eastbound in westbound lanes of Lake Street, Perez was driving his 2004 Nissan Maxima when the crash took place.

Andrews said that Perez was trying to overtake a 1990 Chevrolet that was ahead of him when he hit a third vehicle that turned off of Homan to go westbound towards the Lake.

The vehicle swerved to avoid the collision but Perez still rammed into him on the driver’s side. The driver bounced out of the car and hit a CTA beam support.

With his female passenger, Perez was brought to John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County. The doctors saw that Perez had critical injuries in his hip and legs which required him to undergo a surgery today. However, his lady-passenger had only mild injuries. After a test in the hospital, Andrew was discovered to be drunk and high on drugs.

The third vehicle driver was treated in Mount Sinai hospital for a collapsed lung, internal bleeding and a shattered left arm while a fifth person just received treatment in the scene and no longer taken to the hospital.

Preliminary investigation conducted by the Chicago Fire Department revealed that only one person who was in serious-to-critical conditions was admitted in Stroger Hospital. The two others were brought to Mount Sinai Hospital. One victim was  listed in serious-to-critical condition and the other in fair-to-serious condition.

According to Andrew, the police Major Accident Investigation Unit is investigating the wreck.

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