At least a 15-years-old boy died from a fatal crash  DUI in LA Saturday morning.  The fatality was identified as by authorities as Los Angeles resident, Roman Jimenez.

Jimenez was passenger in a red Ford Explorer; but for unknown reason, the driver lost control when they were on PCH. Authorities declared that due to the great impact, Jimenez died on the scene. Police arrested the driver who was identified as Donte Sheffield, age 19, on charges of homicide from automobile and DUI.

This early Saturday morning crash at Pacific Coast H-way that happened along Rambla Pacifico Rd. involved three vehicles causing the death of a young male passenger. Three others crash victims’ sustained non-critical injuries. The mishap along PCH led the authorities to close two directions of the roads for approximately eight hours.

Donte Sheffield was detained and maybe liable to face the following charges: (1) suspicion of homicide by automobile and (2) DUI. He was later released as they waited for further evidence. The victim of the crash was the 15-year-old passenger, Roman Jimenez.

One of the officers in the Malibu/Lost Hill’s Sheriff’s Station, Richard Curry learned that Jimenez and Sheffield considered themselves as brothers. Shortly after 8:00 o’clock in the morning, the two buddies were on their way to Los Angeles and were traveling along PCH when Sheffield lost control of his red Ford Explorer and swerved into oncoming traffic. He hit a vehicle going west and the impact killed his best friend. It was a strong crash that after the initial collision, the Explorer made a 180 degrees spin and ht another car that was going east.

Two motorists, James Davidson and Kenisha Edwards were heading west on PCH and stopped to help after the accident occurred. Before the ambulance came, Davidson who was an RN tried to revived the injured but Jimenez was beyond help

Sheffield and the driver of the other car were immediately airlifted by air ambulance to UCLA-Westwood for treatment. The male driver of the other car underwent abdominal surgery and is now under stable condition.

The female victim in the car going west was delivered by ambulance to the Hospital of UCLA-Santa Monica but was soon released as her injuries were minor. Her son had no injuries and was allowed by his mom to attend a soccer game that afternoon.

The crash happened when Sheffield and Jimenez were going home from a party in Malibu that Friday night and on their way to Los Angeles early Saturday morning.

After Sheffield was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital, he was detained by the police. The police are waiting for the result of his BAC which will take around four to six weeks.

Sheffield stated that he was suffering from tire issue which could be the reason why he lost control but the detectives are still trying to determine the cause of the accident.

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Source: Malibu Times Com