After a fatal crash this morning, the driver suspected of DUI that caused the wreck was arrested by the police. The irresponsible driving of a driver under the influence of alcohol led to the death of an Irving resident.

According to police records, Jerry M. Abraham, was identified as the drunken driver who is now facing a charge of intoxication homicide following a fatal crash that killed 35-years-old Pramod Paul, a resident of Irving.

Abraham was apprehended and under police custody was admitted at a local hospital to be treated of injuries sustained in the crash. The medical staff stated that his injuries were not life-threatening.

Early morning at around 5:55 o’clock, all westbound LBJ Freeway were closed resulting from a deadly accident that occurred overnight near the Tollway of Dallas North.

The crash caused a traffic jam to the dismay of commuters who were early on their way to work. As of 6:55 o’clock that morning, some lanes were reopened as authorities continued investigating the accident. At about 7:55 o’clock that morning, all lanes along LBJ westbound were already reopened. Police did not issue any more information regarding the accident.

Authorities reported that the crash took place at about 2:30 o’clock in the morning that followed a previous accident.

There were two drivers standing outside their vehicles on the shoulder along the road when a third vehicle that was running at top speed plowed into the pickup and car that was involved in a crash that happened earlier.

One of the drivers standing on the shoulder of the road was able to jump out of the way, but the second driver was not fast enough and he was hit and pinned down by the oncoming vehicle. The impact was so immense that he was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver of the third vehicle was not yet identified and it was not reported is he was also injured.

Due to the wreck, police of Dallas decided to close all main lanes of the interstate; three hours later were forcing vehicles off the freeway at the tollway.

Even after vehicles were cleared and others towed away, as the officers continued investigating the crash, the road remained close. It is not clear when LBJ will be completely reopened.

Vehicular accidents Dallas, as anywhere else, are bound to happen but they are aggravated by those people behind the wheels who mix driving with alcohol or drugs. There may be different reasons given for a crash but the result is always a great lose to one’s life or limb. Even with stiffer penalties, DUI cannot be completely stopped, it can be controller with stricter traffic laws, more traffic policemen and most important is the will of motorists to keep road accidents from happening.

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Source: The Scoop Blog Dallas News Com