March 03, 2013

Kenner police reported that the unborn infant in the mother’s womb died womb as a result of a car wreck committed by a DUI driver who has a series of record for the same infringement.

The drunken driver is identified as 48 years old Bernal Lino Aguilar, who has already been arrested six times for committing the same violation. An organization called Mothers against Drunk Driving with acronym MADD has waged war to get drivers like Aguilar off the street. Brenda Sinclair is a strong advocate for MADD as she has experienced two crashes involving drunk drivers.

Sinclair standing on the crash scene said that she is appalled that a man with six DWI charges is still allowed behind the wheels. What is the use of his being arrested over and over again?

According to the police, at 6:46 o’clock early Sunday evening, Aguilar, behind the wheel of his Silverado Chevrolet, was driving DUI and did not stop at the corner of Vintage Drive and Alabama Street. Going the wrong way at Chateau Boulevard, he crashed into a vehicle going the right way.

Kenner police said the Aguilar halted at a stop sign but went forward into the direct path of a Galant Mitsubishi traveling westward on the road. The Galant smashed the passenger side of Aguilar’s truck.

The woman driver was carrying one passenger, an 18-year-old pregnant woman that was severely injured in the crash. The driver suffered wounds on her right hand and knee. The infanticipating woman was on her 7th month and she started complaining of abdominal pain. She was rushed to an area hospital where doctors said that she sustained lacerations in her uterus resulting in the death of the unborn child. The woman underwent surgery and is still in critical condition.

For Sinclair, it was one life lost of a person who would have contributed much to society. She questioned why a drunkard spending 20 years of useless existence is still driving around the city. It is sad to know that despite great laws in the state of Louisiana, nothing was done to take a dangerous man out of the streets.

Sergeant Brian McGregor commented that even with all the good laws, nobody can stop an individual to get behind the wheel if he wants to.

Kenner police stated that Aguilar’s license has been suspended after his DWI arrest in 2011.  Aguilar has been arrested and filed many charges: driving a vehicle under the influence, negligent injuring with vehicle, negligent injuring with vehicle in the 1st degree, reckless driving and feticide in the 3rd degree. They discovered that his BAC was 156%.

Looking at his license, the police discovered that he has been under suspension for 730 days starting December 05, 2011 which will end by December 04, 2013.

For your 4th or more convictions of DUI in the State of Louisiana, drivers will have a felony criminal record and an incarceration for 30 years; with 75 days of as mandatory jail time. Amount of fine will be up to $5,000. Driver’s license will be revoked for 2 years and the vehicle will be taken and sold by the state. The convict will also be required one-and a half months of inpatient and a year of outpatient substance abuse treatment; it allows home imprisonment for the remainder of the sentence. Community service approved by the court must total 48 hours that is performed during probation.

This penalty is exclusively for DUI violation. It does not include the penalties of other charges like homicide by vehicle, hit-and-run, driving without license & insurance or others.

Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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Source: WDSU Com

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