March 01, 2013

The best place for dump trucks is the dumpsite not inside a house; but one lost its way and crashed into a home at Old Jefferson on a Friday morning which started a huge fire of two alarms that left the place in ashes. A women resident, age 27, was able to escape with the assistance of a Good Samaritan but a 9-month-old puppy died in the fire.

The woman who escaped from the flames was identified as Brandi Juneau who suffered cuts on her hand while getting out of a window to escape the fire. After the dump truck crashed into a converted trailer home at River Road No. 3307, it exploded and the fire quickly spread. Juneau said that she was shocked to hear an explosion following the crash.

According to Trooper Melissa Matey, spokesperson for the State Police, at about 8:45 o’clock in the morning, before the dump truck crashed into the house, it clipped a pick-up truck one block away near the corner of Maine Street and River Road. The pick-up truck operator was trying to enter River Road at a stop sign on south Maine.

The driver seemed to have difficulty seeing the traffic on River Road, continued Matey. The driver was pulling the truck too far forward into the road. Meanwhile, Joel Fernandez, the driver of the dump truck was traveling southbound toward the River Road and hit the front end of the pickup.

Due to the strong impact, Fernandez was no longer able to control the dump truck as it careened through the yard of a home, smashed a wooden and brick fence of the trailer home and crashed into the Juneau’s bedroom where she was occupying an hour and a half earlier.

She was in another room when there was a loud boom and the trailer shook as everything fell out of place. Then the explosion followed.

Brandi Juneau was glad to be alive as a passer-by pulled her out of her burning mobile home. The accident was the fault of a dump truck that lost control and hit everything along its way.  . The mobile home was located near the corner of River Road and Claiborne Ct. that was burnt to cinders after the fire.

Juneau said that at first, there was no smell of smoke but instinctively she felt something was wrong. Due to the crash, the area was broken into splinters. All the wooden parts were smashed into pieces.

Since the crash blocked the trailer’s front door. Juneau could not force it opened while the other glass would not budge. Fortunately, a bicyclist identified as Marc Ducote saw the flames from atop nearby bike part of Mississippi River Levee bike path stopped to help her. He threw a rock which broke the glass and Juneau was able to escape.

Firefighters were able to control the blaze which reached two alarms at 9:05 o’clock in the morning, reported Director Joe Greco of the Consolidated Fire Department in east Bank. But crews were not able to save a 9 month German Shepard mix puppy that belonged to Juneau’s boyfriend, 27 years-old Paul Dupeire and his 24 years-old brother, Brandon who live in the trailer home with Juneau. They were both out during the mishap.

It was a little after 8:30 o’clock in the morning when the Jefferson Parish Firefighters responded to a call of a 2-alarm fire near the intersection of Shrewsbury and River Roads. The accident followed the collision of the dump truck and pickup truck.

The crew saw that the red dump box that was at the back end of the dump truck was lodged on the fence line of the residence. Little was left of the truck’s engine and cab. Like the house that was left to cinders, the front end of the vehicle was completely destroyed. The damage was estimate by Greco to cost around $125,000.

Fernandez complained of minor injuries to his legs and back. Matey did not Id the driver of the pickup but said that he will be given a citation as the cause of the crash.

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