Reading, Pa. – D. A. of Berks County District, John Adams announced last Wednesday that a police officer, who was off-duty, is not guilty of road rage shooting while the man who was shot is facing criminal charges.

This statement was the result of an investigation of the June 17th incident that involved the residers of two cars in Ontelaunee Twp. The off-duty officer, identified as Ryan Brobst, was by himself seated inside one of the vehicles while three men and two women were inside the other.

Police said that it was a late night incident that began along R- 61 and was culminated at Leesport Ave. and Berkley Park Rd. The occupants of both vehicles finally stepped out of their cars to confront each other.

The group of five started beating officer Brobst and after a while it reached the point when the officer used his personal weapon and finally shot one of his assailants. Cesar Moreno, the injured man, was the driver of the other vehicle.

The group scattered after the shot was fired gunfire and the other two men fled. According to police, Moreno was brought to a local hospital for treatment and was soon released. Moreno is now facing charges that included: (1) simple assault; (2) DUI; and (3) reckless endangerment. He is not yet in custody.

The other man involved identified as Ramon Villa was able to escape custody after giving officers a fake name. He was charged with the following: (1) for escaping; (2) giving false ID; and (3) simple assault. He was supposed to be committed to the Berks County Jail with a bail in the amount of $75,000 bail. Brobst serves as part-time officer for both the Fleetwood and Hamburg police departments.

According to Chief Scott Eaken of the Northern Berks Regional Police Department, the occupants of two separate cars, which may have come into the presence of each other at one point, were main players in the incident.

A road rage shooting resulted to the critical wounding of one man in Ontelaunee Township. The incident started on R-61 and ended at the Berkley Park Road and Leesport Avenue.

When occupants of both vehicles stepped out, they engaged in verbal confrontation during which time, one man from the group punched the single police officer. It was followed by everybody in the group beating up the single driver. It came to the point that the driver shot one man in the group. The melee stopped as they all scattered with the other two men scampering away. The wounded man was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. Everyone participating in the fracas was apprehended by the police..

A police officer during his off-duty time was a victim of a road rage incident that ended into shooting at Berks County late Tuesday night. At the start of the investigation the police did not release the name of the police officer to the media.

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