February 01, 2013

Police of Napolenville booked Marty Jamison Sr. on the following litany of charges: DWI Fifth offense;  12 counts of no turn signals; aggravated assault with a motor vehicle upon a peace officer; aggravated criminal damage to property; aggravated flight from an officer; driving left of center; nine counts of violating stop sign; no seat belt: not using the proper lane; open container; operating a vehicle while still under suspension for former DWI; overspeeding; reckless operation of vehicle; two counts of traffic control signals; and vehicle must yield at railroad crossings.

Police reported that a deputy on his routine patrol last Thursday saw Jamison driving a vehicle at a speed of 30 MPH in a 55-MPH zone. As the vehicle was near the intersection of Highway 308 and Spur 70 then the driver crossed the median line.

When the driver saw that the deputy has turned on the emergency lights to make a traffic stop, he spur the vehicle to a speed of more than 90 MPH. Jamison was driving on top speed all the way to Bertrandville area passing a number of streets in Assumption Parish then got back to the Highway.

From Highway 70, he traveled towards the Ascension Parish still running at top speed while doing more traffic violations along the way. He went north on Highway 1 with an exceeding speed.

Eventually, Jamison slowed down and stopped the vehicle on the road shoulder in Iberville Parish. He negotiated a U-turn as another deputy cruiser tried to block him in to end the chase. But Jamison was not instigated as he did not slow down; instead hit the patrol car on the passenger’s side that caused lots of damages.

The Deputy got out of his car and fired three shots into one of the tires on Jamison’s vehicle which finally ended his flight. He was immediately taken into custody by Assumption Parish deputies.

As the deputies were arresting Jamison, they were able to smell the pungent odor of alcohol. He refused to take BAC test. The police were able to see an open beer inside the vehicle and a gun inside a brown envelope.

No bond is set for Jamison as he has still to face two recent DWI arrests along with a cocaine possession arrest.

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Source: WDSU Com

Source: 12 News Now Com