Several fatal mishaps happened on the Houston road area. At least eight people were dead on the road late Friday evening and early Saturday morning. There were also two crashes that each accounted for one fatality, a collision related to a red-light runner and a street race.

According to  Houston Police Department spokeswoman  Jodi Silva the start of the six deadly crashes was about 5:20 afternoon of Friday when a truck driver tried running a red light in northwestern part of  Houston, The operator  of a Dodge Ram pickup was going south on West Montgomery Road when he collided with  a Chevrolet S10 going east at Wilburforce. The driver of the Chevrolet died immediately.

That pickup crashed with a third truck that stopped at the red light.

An hour and a half later, another crash happened in Crosby which killed  Rosa Oviedo and  Raymundo Ramirez who were from 3900 block of FM 1942. The  Nissan Altima that Oviedo was driving was hit by a westbound Mazda truck operated by a 19-year-old woman.

The reason of the crash as reported by Harris County Sheriff’s Office was that the pickup driver did not give way and hit the Nissan.

At about 10:40 in the evening of Friday, a rollover occurred in Montgomery County that claimed the lives of two people which the officials attributed to speed and possibly alcohol.

According to the  record of the  Texas Department of Public Safety , Tori Nichole Tabor, age 19, and  Kevin Hansen, age 20, were killed in another crash which took place on Nichols Sawmill Road near Country Woods Trail in Magnolia. There was a female passenger who sustained major injuries and was immediately rushed to the local hospital.

Although the 20-year-old driver was alledgly blamed for the crash, but the case is under investigation.

At the eastern side of Houston, another 19-year-old woman died and several children sustained injuries resulting from a street racing crash which happened at11:40 in the evening of Friday. A GMC Sierra pickup operated by an 18-year-old male was racing another vehicle on the Interstate 10 westbound frontage road at Uvalde.

The Sierra ran a red light and hit a Nissan Titan headed north on Uvalde, causing the Titan to cross into oncoming traffic and strike a southbound Ford Focus. Silva said that the Sierra hit a light pole, ejecting several people, including the woman.

The Sierra driver suffered major injuries but medical authorities said he is expected to survive. He will be facing multiple charges. His identification was not immediately available.

A 16-year-old boy whose identity was not released died about 11:45 p.m. Friday in Kingwood in a crash HPD officials linked to speeding. He was driving silver Saturn View south towards 1700 block of Willow Terrace when he veered off the road and crashed into a tree. The impact caused the car to split in half, Silva said.

The last crash happened early Saturday morning when a highway construction worker identified as  Joel Vega age 27 died as he was placing signs along the Interstate 45 feeder near  West Davis. Police reported that a vehicle struck a construction trailer causing Vega to be crushed between the trailer and a construction truck.

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