At least one person died and four others injured in El Sereno today. Los Angeles Fire Department reported that the accident involving two vehicles occurred at around 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon at Block 5300 in Popular Blvd. along Huntington Drive. The mishap resulted to the death of one person; one seriously injured and three others in fair condition. No other details were reported by the department’s spokesperson.

The fatal crash happened after the police was pursuing a vehicle; on the process hitting three others that killed the driver. The driver who was victim in the crash as was identified as Julio Reyes Cesar-Salvador, age 21.

Officials said that the 23 year-old young man resident in Los Angeles was pronounced dead in that El Sereno crash.

Reyes was made to stop at the corner when LAPD officers were pursuing a fleeing Chevrolet silver Suburban. The rampaging vehicle plowed three vehicles including Reyes’ car and killing him along the way. The two other vehicles, one of which was a Suburban rolled over causing three others to be injured.

Based on police report, they asked a reckless driver to pull over but instead he fled who were then chased by the officers.

A prelim investigation stated that the Suburban silver was running at approximately 80 MPH during the time of the mishap. Dana Bee, who is one of the deputy coroners, confirmed that the paramedics pronounced Reyes dead on the scene.

The family of Reyes was in full force at the site of the crash that Saturday night, and was mournfully awaiting news from the police. Reyes’ mother was so distressed that paramedics had to revive her.

Reyes’ cousin Brenda Gil, age 18, said that the wrecked sedan was owned by Reyes’ father. She said that her cousin was a student of photography at East L.A. College and was on his way to visit friends.

She said that Julio was a good person and it was unfair for the motorist who caused the fatal four-car crash who ran from the police. Last Sunday, the driver was booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter.

When the officers signaled the suspect, Jose Arrellano, age 20, for driving recklessly that afternoon of Saturday, he fled and they lost sight of the car. However, on the way, he rammed into three cars at one corner in El Sereno.

On one of the cars was 23-year-old fatality, whose car was crushed from the impact and died on the scene. Three other persons were injured.

The police apprehended Arellano and found a handgun in his car.

LAPD Sheriff’s Department showed that Arellano was arrested in February, pronounced a sentence of 150 days confinement but then released in April.

Bee said that they learned that the silver Suburban was traveling at top speed at top speed when it collided with other cars and killed Reyes.

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