HOUSTON — They did everything together and they also died together. Relatives averred that this elderly couple did just about everything together and they also died together in a collision with a pickup truck in northwest Houston Tuesday morning.

According to Houston police, at around 7 o’clock in the morning, the husband and wife who were doing maintenance jobs, were on their way to work and was just a corner away from home; when a truck t-boned them in the 4600 block of Southerland.

The couple was identified as Jose Mario Tobar, age 59, and Digna Tobar, age 57, who were inseparable both in their work and leisure, according to grieving family members.

Reina Tobar, Jose’s daughter, said that the Tobars were working together, they go to church together and they do everything together, but she never thought that they would also die together.
Tobar was an emigrant who came to America years ago to give his six children a better life. The family faced the tragedy with great sadness; they were all gathered at the crash site, where they hugged and prayed.

The family said that they were planning to give their father a big 60th birthday celebration in January.
A crying Reina Tobar said it all for the other children how much they love their father.

According to investigators, the pickup driver who caused the accident lost his job that Tuesday morning.

When he learned that the couple died from the crash, he started screaming and banging his head against the steering wheel.
The police are still investigating the crash and it is not clear what charges they will file.

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