How often does something come back to you after being stolen? One woman from Seattle certainly is one of the few people who can say that if something you lost is really for you, then it will find its way back to you—literally.

Barbara Trenchi’s vehicle, a blue Honda with a Vanderbilt sticker at the back window, was stolen as it was parked in front of her home. She made the discovery in the morning that her vehicle was missing as she was heading out for work. She reported the incident to the police. She then decided to take the bus instead.

One day has passed yet there was still no news about Trenchi’s stolen car. She opted to take the bus again to getto work. As she made her way to the waiting area for the bus at Denny Way and Fairview Avenue North, a blue Honda sporting a Vanderbilt University sticker on the back window whizzed past her. She fell down and saw that it was her very own stolen vehicle. The speeding vehicle had almost hit her. She was just shocked and in disbelief about what happened.

The vehicle also almost hit another woman crossing Denny but fortunately, she was unharmed.

Unfortunately, a 67-year-old woman was the main victim of this accident. She was seriously injured after the speeding stolen car plowed right onto her. The woman was waiting for a bus at Denny Way and Fairview Avenue North when the speeding vehicle jumped at a curb and onto the crowd of people waiting for the bus at Denny Way. No other person was hit by the speeding vehicle.

Despite being plowed by the vehicle and being thrown around 50 feet through the air, the woman survived with a head injury, broken wrist and leg and a probable abdominal injury. The injured victim was brought to Harborview Medical Center where she receives medical attention.

The vehicle was attempting to flee a police who was chasing it. The polic chase started after the vehicle passed a police station. A police officer noticed that the two passengers were nervously looking at the station.

The police officer decided to run a computer check with the vehicle’s plates. That is when he discovered that it was a stolen vehicle. The officer trailed the vehicle and turned on its flashing lights near Denny Way but the driver of the stolen vehicle, decided to make a run for it and sped away instead of pulling over.

After the accident, the two passengers go out of the vehicle and surrendered to the police. However, the driver decided to run on foot. He ran away with a knife in hand. He was later on caught by the police. All three suspects were in their late teens to early 20’s. In West Precinct station, where they are held for questioning, it was found out that the driver has an arrest warrant and had history of convictions because of car theft.

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