The Eagle Stadium that is known to is the biggest and most modern venue for sports in Dallas suffered a power shortage. Due to a vehicular crash, the Eagle Stadium in Allen was without electricity last Friday night.

At least, it lasted only for less than an hour so the spectators of the game were able to watch the football game that Friday night. Anna Kurian, who is with Oncor, said that the mishap took place at around 5:45 o’clock in the afternoon. It was caused by a car that hit as pole at Stacey Rd. and U.S. Highway in Allen.

According to Sgt. Jon Felty of the Police Department of Allen, a transformer was blown out in the area of N. Greenville Ave. and Stacey Rd. and N. near the Eagle Stadium of Allen’s Independent School District.

It was fortunate that the power shortage happened before the game and that it lasted less than an hour. So the football game continued as expected.

Felty reported that the crash caused power in the area to be out for about 45 minutes that was just before the opening of the football game that Friday night.

After the mishap, the damaged pole was repaired immediately so electricity at the Eagle Stadium was restored at 6:43 o’clock that evening.

Last February, the power line located at the intersection of Ironton St., and Jewell Avenue in Aurora was hit by a truck. The police learned that a drunken driver crashed in the tower that has high-electrical voltage and fled after the mishap. Good thing, he was later caught by Aurora police at one of area hospitals where he had his injuries treated.

The accident forced the entire area to be evacuated as there was no electricity and fear of triggering a fire.

The suspect was issued by the police a citation for DUI, careless driving plus hit-and-run.

In the case of the Eagle Stadium accident, authorities are investigating the crash and will appropriate charges. Meanwhile, the police iss till following leads to catch the culprit.

Owned and operated by the Allen Independent School District, the Eagle Stadium is a football stadium in Allen, Texas and is the home of Allen High School Eagles.

Eagle Stadium is famous & even controversial due to its size, having a capacity of 18,000 spectators and is considered 5thlargest stadium for a high school in Texas. Serving as the home field for only one high school, for its completion, it cost a little under USD $60 million). Its seats that can accommodate 18,000 include over 9,000 home-side seats with about 1,000 reservation seats for Allen Escadrille. The more than 4,000 seats located at the end-zones are for students and general admission. For the visitors, are 5,000 side seats.

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