New Castle – Delaware State Police said on Monday night that they had arrested a man from Delaware who was involved in a hit-and-run incident which claimed the life of an EMS worker.

The suspect, 28-year-old Joseph Taye, was pulled out from his home at Bear, DE at about 9:30 in the evening of Monday by the police to be taken into custody.

Taye was the man believed by the police to be driving the BMW that slammed into a motorcyclist, a police cruiser and an EMS worker whilst responding in an earlier crash at Delaware on Saturday night along Route 13.

The suspect had accusingly left the scene after the accident. The EMS worker, 30-year-old Michelle Smith, was in a critical condition. She was taken to Christiana Hospital where she eventually perished on early Monday morning.

Smith’s EMS unit was heading back when they received a call—which they responded—with regards to a motorcycle crash at Route 13. According to the police, Smith and a police officer was giving assistance to the victim of the motorcycle crash when a BMW crashed into them.

The police officer from New Castle Police was able to dodge out of harm’s way into his cruiser, but for Smith and the motorcyclist, they were not so lucky.

The man that drove the BMW got into a Honda which pulled over at the scene and drove away from the scene, said the authorities.

Charges of manslaughter, 2nd degree assault, driving with a revoked license, leaving the scene of a crash and failure to report a crash was filed against the suspect on Tuesday. A bail of $30,000 was set.
The police are in search for the Honda driver who was an accessory to the escape of the suspect. Anyone with information with regards to the incident is asked by the police to contact Crime Stoppers at 800.TIP.3333.

Smith has a 12 year old daughter which she leaves behind.

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