EVESHAM TWP., N.J. – Police are practically acting like Sherlock Holmes  as they continue to solve the hit-and-run mystery.

Evesham Township Police said that an elderly man admitted that he has hit a victim but had no idea who and where the victim was.

The operator was an 81-year-old senior, a resident of Cherry Hill. He presented to them his Blue Ford ’97 Taurus with broken windshield encrusted with bloodied and human hair. They\se are all positive signs of a crash.

The erring driver admitted that he hit someone Tuesday night but had no idea who that victim was.

Sergeant Joseph Friel, Evesham Police, said that they were not able to locate a victim, as well as its location. They had been searching for hours and could not get anywhere. Sergeant Friel surmised that it could have happened outside of their Township. He continued that the driver who came forward was clean, not under DUI. A police helicopter was going over the area.

The only sure facts were – a crash, a victim, it happened Tuesday evening between 6 to 8 p.m. and it took place within the area of Cherry Hill Mall.

An old man who is 81-one-years old was the driver and he has a valid license. The police pulled him over at East Main when they spotted damage in his car. He talked about the accident but cannot recall where it happened.

The police had been calling all local hospitals and medical facilities in case the victim was there for treatment. The driver owns an iPad with him, so police are checking if it pinged a location to a nearby cell tower.  They are also asking witnesses who might have information about the accident.

It is like an Agatha Christie novel: a hit-and-run mysterious accident, but the twist is that police has the  driver is, but can’t find the victim.

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