A couple of accidents at Bypass West Shore that happened almost at the same time in the vicinity of an exit at Mount Penn a day after a heavy rain is the main concern of the continuous investigation of police.
The mishaps happened around 3:30 in the afternoon which affected the flow of traffic that westbound lanes had to be closed.
The first incident occurred when a car going west hydroplaned and fell down into the embankment just across the back of the Exeter Medical Center. The operator of the car was westbound car driven by 26-year-old Tarah Butler who resides at Morgantown. She lost control of her vehicle so it slid and went down an embankment all the way across to the back of the Medical Center of Exeter. Butler was suffering from shock but was not injured.

The second incident involved two vehicles; a van and another not known. The van and the other vehicle collided and the van ended lying on its side. This time, two people were injured and were transported by ambulance to the Reading Hospital.

To avoid a traffic jam, vehicles were rerouted to Perkiomen Avenue but authorities had both lanes opened to traffic after 5:00 p.m.
It was really a coincidence that two crashes happened in the same place during the day. The police are conducting an investigation of the terrain as they do not one a third or more mishaps to happen. They believed that the weather condition was the main reason as roads were slippery due to the rain. No matter what the weather is; caution is important factor in driving.

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