CARROLL CO., KY. – Legal action was the decision of the families of two children who were victims of a fatal school bus crash. A lawsuit was filed at the Hall of Justice in Carroll County by family members with the goal of simply get more answers about the crash.

Their legal counsel, Attorney Eric Deters said that it seems almost unbelievable that a bus full of children just automatically wreck on its own. He was representing two of the families involved in the Carroll County bus crash that killed two small children last month.

Deter stated that there must be something wrong and the purpose of the lawsuit was to find out. He said that a witness claimed that the bus was going too fast.

The mishap occurred when bus number 140 veered off the road and crashed into a tree. Two of the children, identified as 3-year-olds Ryder Deitz and Caroline Tuttle died on the scene. Although the road was wet, Deters surmised that it was not the only reason whether the road is wet, whether it’s icy, the operator has to drive using the right speed for present road conditions.

The lawsuit is filed against Carroll County School District Superintendent Lisa James, the bus driver, and several others as defendants. Deters stated that the operator was driving the bus during the tenure of her employment, so therefore it also included the school district, the superintendent, and the school board members. They are all named as defendants for that reason.

The suit alleged that the bus driver operated the school bus in a negligent and unsafe manner. It also accused school officials for ignoring past complaints about the driver.
Deters narrated that this driver had some issues or complaints in the past so it will be interesting to see what is inside her personnel file and what were some of the concerns.
Reporters contacted Superintendent Lisa James’ office by phone and she is not making any comment on the lawsuit.

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Source: WDRB News