Los Angeles – It was an important achievement for the community when Councilman Ed Reyes turned on the new traffic signal which was installed at the crash scene where a baby died in 2009 one Sunday at Super Bowl in the District of Westlake, Los Angeles.

Last Monday, Westlake neighborhood representative, Councilman Ed Reyes commemorated the occasion at the corner of Olympic Boulevard and Bonnie Brae Street with the LAPD, safety- concerned parents and children who are studying at the Charter School of the Camino Nuevo.

They recalled that on February 1, four years ago, one mother was taking a stroll with her two daughters – the youngest was 11-month-old and the eldest was 5-years-old – in a stroller. When they reached the intersection marked as crosswalk, they were hit by a drunk driver.

Although the mother and her 5-year-old girl survived their injuries, the baby was pronounced dead at the scene.

Reyes made a petition to the Department of Transportation of Los Angeles asking for the installation of a new traffic signal for public safety.

The community also joined together to implement changes as they were aware that since 2000 there were 54 traffic collisions in the area.

Reyes said that if the community works together, peoples’ lives will be safer.

The newly installed signal light is high tech as it includes an advanced limit line, audible pedestrian signals for the visually impaired and continental crosswalks.

Transportation engineer, Mehrdad Moshksar .added that the innovation is that instead of stopping the vehicle right at the crosswalk, vehicles are stopped at least five feet away from   front of the crosswalk.

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