FORT WORTH – Last January 20, 2013, a civilian employed at the Sheriff’s Office of Tarrant County was arrested and charged of manslaughter due to intoxication. He was responsible for that deadly accident which took place adjacent to a movie house that Saturday evening.

According to report from the police of Fort Worth, at 6:15 o’clock that evening, Alan Michael McKinney, age 29 was driving southbound along Block 5900 at Sandshell Drive when he was involved in an accident. He was near the United Artists Theater, when he crashed into the driver’s side of a small sedan that was getting out of a parking space near the cinema.

Twenty-three years old Amy Anders who was the driver of the sedan, was declared dead on the scene; while her 21-year-old male passenger, identified as John Schambacher was rushed to an area hospital sustaining life-threatening injuries after he was extricated from the vehicle.

The erring driver, identified as Alan McKinney, 29 years old, worked as is a civilian employee of the sheriff’s office assigned to a roadside courtesy patrol. He was arrested and taken to the Mansfield Jail with a bond of $12,000.

Terry Grisham who is spokesperson of the Sheriff’s office said that McKinney was working with the agency since 2006 and so far, the office has not received any disciplinary complaint.

Meanwhile, the second victim of the DWI crash, 21-year-old, John Schambacher remained in critical condition suffering from brain damage.

His family is optimistic that John will recover but he has no insurance which will get him into rehabilitation.

He has been gaining the support of his friends. A former classmate from high school traveled all the way from Georgia just to be with him when he heard of the wreck. Although John is heavily sedated, his friends are spending quality time to visit him at the Methodist Harris Health Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

Schambacher was a passenger in the car of his friend, Amy Anders that fatal night of the accident. Amy Anders died when a truck driven by Alan McKinney crashed on her car.

The DWI driver, age 29, was temporarily ousted from his job with the Sheriff’s Office of Tarrant County and charged with intoxication manslaughter

Family and friends are praying for the victim’s recovery and when John recovers consciousness there will be some qualities left for him to remember his identity as he was before. They are facing a financial problem on how to pay for his rehabilitation as John had no insurance.  Paul, his father, was a recent cancer survivor with no insurance coverage too. Sue, his sister’s insurance will only cover her as it is non- transferrable.

They have opened a bank account for kind-hearted people to give their donation. The family is searching for ways and means to place him in rehab. The doctors said that John will be able to recover if he is placed in rehabilitation.

His father, Paul said that John is only 21 years old just starting his adulthood. He needs a chance to enjoy a quality of life.

The family is trying to make contact with a medical group who might be able to find a place for John. Their last option is a nursing home which they are trying to avoid.

His sister Sue said that her brother will be different and he is going to need all the help they could give.

The family has opened a Frost Bank account at Frost Bank under the name Benefit Fund for Jonny Schambacher.

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