The death of one person in a vehicular accident had traffic backed up for miles following an early Thursday morning collision on the 134 Freeway in Toluca Lake, officials said.

Two vehicles were involved in the mishap which occurred at the westbound side of the freeway at Cahuenga Boulevard, which the Los Angeles Fire Department reported at around 4:30 o’clock in the morning.

The crashed resulted to the injury of two persons while a third died on the scene. Two people suffered minor injuries in the crash, while a third was dead at the scene, officials said.

Only the carpool lane of the westbound 134 was open and the rest of the lanes were closed for the next couple of hours. The 134 Freeway reopened Thursday following the deadly crash near Cahuenga Boulevard.

Authorities confirmed that at least one person was killed in the multi-car accident, which was reported around 4:45 o’clock in the morning.

Officials said that the crash resulted to the death of one person who was pronounced dead at the scene while two others were transported to the local hospital. Medical staff said that the two victims sustained only minor injuries.

The police decided to close all the lanes except the carpool lane near Hollywood Way. Traffic remained slow in the area through the early afternoon.

Pending result of investigation, the identities of the victims, the condition of the injured and other details were not given out to the media. Only the details mentioned in the report were made immediately available.

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