A 19-year old man was charged by the police after smashing a Range Rover into a pole on Mount Pleasant Road in a force enough to immediately kill a passenger and even tear the vehicle in half.

The driver, identified as Oliver Karafa, is now facing multiple charges in accordance to the accident, including impaired driving and dangerous driving.

Lawrence Ben-Eliezer, Karafa’s lawyer, said outside the courthouse that his client is facing serious charges and is feeling distressed.

The passenger that Karafa has been with, identified to be 24 years of age, died instantly at the scene, says the police.

Natalia Richtie lives across the street from where the accident had happened. She left flowers at the crash site on Tuesday.

She said that the accident seemed to sound like plane crash.

She went out of her house at around 2:30 in the morning and saw the driver standing next to the wrecked car.

Debris was seen all over the place and some of them even reached more than 100 metres. The Range Rover was torn in half.

One half of the vehicle was thrown across the road to the opposite side of the street whilst the other half remained wrapped around the pole.

Const. Clinton Stibbe had told CTV Toronto that the scene was very large and that speed was obviously a big factor in the accident.

The Range Rover was estimated to be moving between 150 and 180 km/hour—three times more than the required speed limit—to be able to achieve such damage.

Oliver Karafa has been charged with multiple violations such as Criminal Negligence Causing Death, Impaired Driving Causing Death, Dangerous Driving Causing Death and Over 80 mgs Causing Death.

Karafa will be present again in court for bail hearing on Wednesday

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