Last Wednesday afternoon, a vehicular accident saw the death of another driver. Police and witnesses saw that a hit-and-run man from a crash at the corner of Sherman Oaks was ranning across a red light. After speeding a few blocks north, the vehicle struck and killed another driver. It was abou1:30 o’clock in the afternoon when the crash occurred.

BMW driver, who wished to be unidentified, reported that he was following a Lincoln Town Car going north after it hit his car at the corner of Fulton Ave. and Riverside Dr. who failed to stop.

The Town Car that was over-speeding northbound hit a vehicle that was traveling west along the Magnolia Boulevard. The crash killed the driver of the westbound car. Sgt. David Delgado of the Los Angeles police said that he was not able to follow if one or both cars hit into another two more cars.

Delgado, an officer of the LAPD Valley Traffic Division, stated that the investigators could not ascertain which vehicle ran through red light.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson, Katherine Main said that four people were transported to the hospital. Medical staff said that all four are in stable condition.

As investigation is still ongoing, the police did not release the names of the two drivers but that both are male.

Police would not release the names of either driver, but said both were men.

The four vehicles involved in the crash were: Lincoln Town Car who was driven by the hit-and-run driver; the Lexus whose driver died and had uninjured dog passengers; and two other cars hit by the Lexus.

After the crash, a woman got her dogs out of her car that was involved in a four- car crash at corner of Magnolia Blvd. and Fulton Ave. in Sherman Oaks, last Wednesday.

Witnesses saw a town car that was eluding from an accident at the corner of Riverside Dr. and Fulton Ave. ran a red light and broadsided a Lexus. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. There were two others vehicles hit by the Lexus but the drivers and the dogs were not injured.

The police is in the process of investigating the factor that could have led to the  four-vehicle crash. The BAC test will prove if the crash is due to alcohol or drugs. They will let an investigator inspect the condition of the machines – if caused by mechanical failure. Other important factors are: the condition of the road and the condition of the weather.

At the completion of the probe, they will then prepare charges to be filed against those who were mainly responsible of the crash, especially the person responsible for the death of one individual.

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Source: Daily News Com