Phoenix – A Sunday morning rollover wreck on I- 10  caused the arrest of a man from northern Arizona in connection with the death of  a 28-year-old woman.

The Department of Public Safety identified the driver as Joshua Bia, age 26, and resident of Chinle. He is accused of murder in the 2nd degree in the fatal crash that happened around 8:45 o’clock in the morning at the intersection of I-10 and 67th Ave.

According to reliable reports, the probable cause statement, last Saturday, Bia was having a drinking binge at a friend’s house in Tempe. Afterwards, they decided to continue drinking at Casino Arizona. As he was driving along the corners of Baseline and Mill Ave., he continued drinking. Bia admitted to the police that he was also smoking marijuana.

Information gathered stated that Bia went home and slept for a few hours. He awoke and was seen driving at a speed from 85 to 100 MPH along Interstate10.

Witnesses reported to DPS that while the vehicle was over speeding towards the west; it swerved and hit the back of a pickup truck, causing it to rollover into the median.

A passenger in the pickup was a 28-year-old woman who was ejected from the vehicle. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital sustaining the following injuries: (1) a lacerated spleen; (2) multiple abrasions; and (3) laceration to the head. Medical staff listed him under stable condition.

Bia has injuries and was treated at the scene.

Police gave Bia the BAC and it showed that his blood alcohol levels were .174 and .178, which were more than twice the legal limit of .08.

Bia will be facing the following charges: (1) felony charges to murder of 2nd degree; (2) aggravated assault causing injuries;(3) aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; and (4) criminal damage.

The Department of Public Safety confirmed that Joshua Bia, age 26 and resident of Chinle was arrested Sunday morning accident for causing the death of claimed Krystie Johnson, age 28 resident of Phoenix.

DPS spokesperson Bart Graves stated that Bia was driving a car over the speed limit and was swerving through traffic that resulting to a collision with a pickup truck where Johnson was a passenger. Due to the impact, she was ejected.


Graves believed that Bia was impaired. This will be proven when result of the BAC test will come.

Due to the crash, westbound Interstate 10 at 67th Ave. was closed for over five hours last Sunday.

Under State of Arizona laws, no defense is acceptable for one’s actions for voluntary taking of alcohol or drugs. In addition, even if drugs are prescribed for medical purposes, impaired drivers are not exempted from a DUI conviction as well.


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