5-year-old Robert “Buddy” Love was struck and killed by a vehicle as he was walking home with a schoolmate. Love’s parents are devastated and the DeKalb police are still trying ti find out who had hit him.

The tragic incident happened on Tuesday at the Kensington Station Apartments off Memorial Drive.

According to Love’s parents, their son had just got off from the school bus and was a few feet away from their home when he was fatally struck.

Twanna Bonner could not fight back the tears as she describes how it is to lose a son.

Bonner said that only God knows how much she loved her son.

Police continue investigating the incident.

Forrest Johnson, the family’s attorney, expressed that they believe that the accident was solely caused by the negligence of the Federal Express driver.

According to Johnson, the FedEx driver came behind the children at a high rate of speed. The FedEX driver almost hit the 10-year-old boy Buddy was walking with but was able to move out of the way. The vehicle then hit Buddy wherein the boy was left lying in the pavement.

The FedEx driver was questioned by DeKalb police but was released as witnesses’ statements were conflicting.

But the family’s attorney says that the FedEx driver’s own words incriminate him.

According to Johnson, the truck driver finally stopped and got out of the truck after neighbors came out of their homes. The driver said he got lost and didn’t know where he was going and did not realize he had struck someone.

The family attorney added that he had spoken to six or seven witnesses who say that the FedEx truck had hit the boy.

A lawsuit will be filed by the family.

FedEx Corporation issued a statement saying that they will cooperate with the police.

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