ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — Black smoke can be scene arising from a topsy-turvy car crash scene on the BeachLine on a Monday morning where the life of a 41-year old woman was claimed. The accident had left a couple of mile long traffic which stranded drivers for how many hours.

More lives could have been taken in the crash near State Road 520 if it weren’t for some off-duty firefighters who lend their hands.

41-year old Deborah Menillo went through the guardrail and into the incoming traffic. Her husband said that she was on her way to work in Orlando and uses BeachLine daily and that he has no clue what caused her to lose the control of the vehicle.

Menillo was driving a Dodge Intrepid and eyewitnesses account that she went off BeachLine many times before crashing through a cable barrier into an eastbound traffic and crashing into a red Nissan Maxima.

Menillo’s car turned upside down and caught fire. An off-duty fireman heading home extracted Menillo from the burning car and also helped other victims.

According to Battalion Chief Thomas Rullo, one victim was ejected near the burning vehicle and [Battalion Chief David Paulo] and a civilian teamed up to pull him to safety and give the best chance of survival.

Three other off-duty firefighters passed the accident on their way home and didn’t hesitate to help. They were able to rescue a married couple from Davenport, Cornell and Neoeko Parker, who were stuck inside the Maxima.

Provau, one of the Firefighters said that citizens with fire extinguishers helped them keep check of the fire.

Menillo perished while firefighters were treating her. The couple inside the Maxima was in critical condition but is expected to survive and was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Provau added that as firefighters, their work doesn’t end when clock ticks off but instead, is a 24/7 duty and they feel good whenever they save a life.

Menillo’s husband said that he was not aware of any conditions that would cause her to lose control of the vehicle. Investigation is still ensuing to find out what happened.

Trooper said that no other victims were injured in the accident yet the accident had caused a mile long traffic and a five-car pile-up in the eastbound lane.

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