A driver inside his burning truck was saved by two other drivers who pulled him out of the fiery vehicle. Last Wednesday, a mishap in 1-75 Madison County caused the truck to burst into flame trapping the driver inside.

Police reported that a dump truck blew a tire, swerved off the road and burst into flames underneath the exit 76 overpass near Berea. Two other truck drivers stopped and assisted the driver out of the burning vehicle, which came to rest on its side.

It was fortunate that other truck drivers were in the vicinity and they pulled out the driver who was trapped inside the fiery wreck.

Berea Police Department Sgt. Jake Reed commended the drivers for their courage in pulling out the man from the burning vehicle or else the man trapped inside would have burned into cinders before help arrived.

EMS transported the dump truck driver to the hospital for treatment for some minor facial cuts. Medical staff said that he would be fine in a few days.

The accident happened at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. near mile marker 76 in Berea. The dump truck went out of control and crashed through a barrier and ended up below an underpass in Madison County. The dump truck was the only vehicle involved, and so far there is no word of any injuries.

Meanwhile that Wednesday afternoon, traffic on I-75 southbound was slowly but it was moving although it is still backed up.

Pending further investigation, the police have not released any information, especially the cause of the accident.

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Source: Lex 18.Com

Source: Lex 18.Com