LOS ANGELES – A racing track is the right place for cars to race but it seems that some drivers consider the streets as another NASCAR to enjoy the thrill of speed. Car racing is done on a racing track not on the streets. Last Monday at Boyle Heights, a couple of speeders decided to hold a race. Now, the police are on the look-out for two drivers who made the street a racing circuit that ended in a fiery  Racing Crash in Los Angeles.

For people who love the thrill of speeding, they should find a better way to satisfy their craving without resorting to illegal means as stealing a car or racing in the wrong place.

It was a mishap that took place just after midnight at Block 2700 along Washington Blvd. along the vicinity of Soto St.

According to the police report, one of the vehicles involved in the street race was a SUV Tahoe Chevy. The found out that the car was not driven by its owner but stolen good done the night before. Two cars, an SUV Tahoe Chevy and a Corvette had their deadly race; after a while, they both collided with another Chevy which burst into flame.

Fearing the coming of the police and repercussion, both racers immediately fled the scene.

When the firefighters responded to the call, they found the SUV Tahoe Chevy and the Corvette fully burning, but no drivers were in sight. The police are continued their search for the two drivers who were involved in the fiery race at Boyle Heights.

Authorities reported that they responded to a call at around midnight reporting to them of car racing in the street and some vehicles doing havoc on the street. At about 12:18 o’clock in the morning, the fire department received another call of two vehicles on fire. It was just a few minutes later that a report was made to the police that the SUV was a stolen car.

Witnesses said there were around 50 parked cars in the place designated as racing area where the activity had allegedly been going on.

Police believed that they had pick-up the two fleeing drivers but there was no way to identify them as the racers; no witness could identify them as it was in the middle of the night in an area that was poorly lighted.

The police made follow-up in the hospitals for reported injuries but so far, there was no report coming from the hospital of injured people. But the police is confident that in a few days, there will be witnesses who would surface to identify the drivers.

At least, there was no fatality or reported injuries from the accident.

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