Five people—including 2 children—perished in an accident on a Sunday morning at Queens when a sport utility vehicle crashed into a pillar, rolled over and gone down in flames.

26 year-old FDNY veteran Chief Stephen Browne had said to New York Daily news that this was the worst single-vehicle accident that he’d seen in his career. He added, “To see this much human life devastation in a single-car accident on a side street is not normal.”

A 2008 Mercedes Benz SUV was travelling eastbound on Atlantic Avenue at about 3:15 on a Sunday morning when it hit a concrete pillar, flipped, rolled over, rested on its side before it went down in flames.

There were a total of five victims, two of which are children. One was an 8 year old girl and the other was a 9 year old boy, both of which were pronounced dead on site as fire was extinguished, according to the police.

Three persons survived the crash. One was a 45-year old woman, the other was a 26-year old man and lastly, a 7 year old boy, all of whom were brought to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and were reported to be in a stable condition.

The names of the five victim were not released immediately by the police.

A suspected factor that caused the tragic accident, which fortunately did not involve other vehicles, was “speeding.”

A witness was almost hit by the SUV before it crashed, according to a report by NY Daily.

Ryan Jardine had told NY Daily that all she witnessed were headlights. She said that the driver ran the light and had almost hit them and then had hit the pole instead. The driver was attempting to avoid crashing into them so the driver swerved away from them. They then saw the car hit the pole and then flipped like doing a somersault. Jardine said that the crash was terrible.

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