May 15, 2013

Twenty Florida teenagers exchanged their cummerbunds and prom gowns with courage during prom night when they sprang down from their limo to assist the victims of a car accident last Saturday night.

Twenty high school seniors were dressed up to dance the night away during prom night in Fort Lauderdale. A van running in front of them was carrying a family of seven when for unknown reasons; it flipped over along I-595. It was a good tihing that a video was able to capture what these gutsy students from Western High School in Davie, Fla., did. They were able to free the five adults and two children from the wrecked vehicle.

Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Mark Wysocky stated that the operator of the van, a Honda Odyssey, was going east along Interstate 595 when traffic slowed down. The driver must have turned the vehicle to the left and bounced off the divider which made the van turned on its side.

Danny Izzi, president of Avanti Limousines and Airport Transportation, told the South Florida press that it was just before 6:45 o’clock in the evening when the students inside the Cadillac Escalade limo following directly the van saw it flipped.

Izzi who was driving the limo said that he almost hit van. Lucky he was able to hit the brake and he was afraid that something would happen to the 20 kids who were so excited on their way to the prom.

One of the Prom-goers, Peter Kim told the media that when he jumped down from the limo and ran towards the overturned van, he immediately grabbed a young boy helped calm the hysterical mother.

They laid her down and calmed as she was in panic thinking about the safety of her baby. She was shouting for her baby.

Fellow senior, Frank Tucker said that he was feeling satisfied being able to help the family and he was just hoping that everyone was OK.

Kim told the media that they were all elated to help and didn’t just roll on by. She feels proud that her peers actually assisted and just didn’t sit and watch.

Despite their Samaritan mission, the students still were able to reach the prom but this time they were all in a reflective mood. Probably, they were thankful That they were given a safe ride all the way to the prom.

Sgt. Wysocky said he was amazed by what people can do nowadays. When people talked about the young who are uninvolved and irresponsible, there are some who are willing to get involved and do their share. He is commending the driver and the students for stopping.

He was glad that there were no serious injuries although the two-year old child was not secured in a seat belt.

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Source: US News NBC News Com