A four-car accident two days ago ended the life of Florida’s celebrated photographer. Barry Mittan was a state worker who was able to gain a successful career in photography after his retirement. He died last Wednesday from critical injuries sustained in a four car mishap.

Mittan, age 63, spent 30 years of his active years working a state agency. In the late ‘60’s or early 70’s, while attending University of Florida State, his career in photography flourished as he worked as staff photographer connected with five well-known student publications which includes stints in newspapers and yearbooks.

Form 1992-2010, Mittan spent all of two decades serving as the official photographer for many international organizations of figure skating. His work appeared in prestigious books and magazines. For ten years, he was the official photographer of ACC, Florida State and SEC football where he provided pictures used for game programs and media guides. For 35 years, he was the unofficial photographer of FSU’s Flying High circus.

He loves world culture which he shared by eight books depicting the photos of historic icons and landscapes. He just came home from Mexico where he pictures of the country’s ancient hidden cities.
.As an avid gardener, he sold daylilies and other flowers which he grew on his almost 10 acres of land at Buck Lake Road. As a philanthropist, he had been donating the proceeds of his flowers sales to the Red Cross and County Humane Society.

Tom Lacher, a friend and co-worker in the Department of Health during the ‘70’s, remembered Mittan as a highly motivated person who was full of energy. He was always on the go.

Prior to his demise, Mittan was preparing to donate to FSU his negative photos (more than 200,000). The photos depicted pictures of buildings, speakers & student demonstration and sports. In fact, today, several of his pictures are exhibited in the Strozier Library of FSU which is entitled – The Formative years at the State University of Florida, the Student Experience from 1950 – 1970.
The versatility of Barry Mittan will always be remembered by his family, friends, colleagues and the community in general.

On the 22nd of January, another four-vehicle crash at Pedrick Road along Mahan Drive caused the critical injury of one victim.
According to Lt. Silas Lewis of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, the accident happened at 1:54 o’clock in the afternoon which involved four vehicles. A white Ford 450 F rear ended another Ford 100 T which also hit a car and also hit a fourth car. , which in turn hit another car. The operator of Ford 100 T was identified as a 64-year-old man. He was critically injured and rushed to the Memorial Health Care at Tallahassee.

No other person was injured. Due to the accident, traffic going east was diverted to Edenfield Road.

Pm January 17, Florida Highway Patrol reported that a man was killed in an odd kind of accident involving a dog. Iris Fortner, age 56, and James Campbell, age 68, were backing their vehicle into the driveway of their home in Cantonmrnt, Fla. Campbell went down to open a metal gate when Fortner, who was driving, decided to open the driver’s door to see where Campbell was standing.

The huge boxer bull dog of Fortner leapt into the van and innocently stepped on the accelerator. The van backed up and hit Campbell. The police learned that Fortner tried to prevent the van before it crashed on Campbell, but he was imprisoned under the van.

Escambia County paramedics confirmed that Campbell died at the scene while Fortner sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Authorities are making their investigation and have not filed any charges.

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