ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY – The Anne Arundel County Police spokesperson said that a two-car collision killed four persons in an accident near Glen Burnie, MD. At least, there were four fatalities when two cars collided head-on.

Police related that the accident happened just after 1:30 afternoon of Sunday at the intersection of Marley Neck Blvd. and Freeman Shores Road in the Glen Burnie area.

Police confirmed that one car was traveling northbound on Marley Neck Boulevard and tried to pass traffic across a double yellow line. The car then struck another vehicle, which was speeding in a southbound lane, head-on. The second vehicle turned over and was propelled backwards about 75 feet before coming to stop on the east side of the roadway. The first car ran another 100 feet and split apart before stopping in the southbound lane. That car’s engine landed in a wooded area 60 feet west of the roadway. The passenger was ejected when the car broke apart.

Police said that the crashed car was able to travel several feet away from the original scene and involved several places. It left such a messy aftermath.

Four people, who died in the crash, were 30-year-old Joseph Allen Oliver Jr. resident of Glen Burnie, Md., 18-year-old Crystal Jean Benton resident of Laurel, Md. and 21-year-old Brittney Marie Ziegler coming of Pasadena, Md. and 3-year-old Lilly Renee Gross.
Oliver was driving the first car while Ziegler was driving the second car. Both of the operators were goners in the crash.
Police attributed the excessive speed of the first car to be a big factor in the accident but no conclusion yet as authorities are still investigating the crash.

Car accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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