February 1 – At least one woman from Fort Worth died afternoon of Friday after a one- car accident. She was driving her four-door sedan when it crashed into a support overhanging at an area just in front of a retirement home in White Settlement.

The fatality was identified as Karen Coates, age 58. She died next to her car which crashed against the support. Police believed that she was hurled out of her car due to the impact which caused her death on the scene.

The mishap took place after 11:00 o’clock in the morning along White Settlement 4800 Road’s Fireside Lodge Center at the vicinity of Castleberry High School.

Officer Daniel Segura of Fort Worth Police Department said that the victim was driving her car heading west along the White Settlement road when it veered towards a chain-link fence, hit a utility pole, and was airlifted prior to crashing against the rock-facade wall just in front of the building.

Segura stated that ongoing investigation is made on this one-car wreck by the Police Department. Up to the present, they have not yet determined the speed of the car to consider speed as a factor.

A crash which resulted to a fire late night of Thursday killed two people. Authorities said that an SUV was speeding east towards 30 Interstate when it reached an area under construction which required slower traffic. The SUV was running at top speed so the driver lost control while passing through Grand Prairie. It clipped the rear of a pickup truck then spun away from the truck as it slammed a Chevy Tahoe.

 The SUV burst into flame with two people inside. They died on the scene before they were extricated from the car and the fire under control. Authorities found alcohol inside the car and tried to determine if the driver was DUI.

DALLAS – On the 22nd of January, an accident was the cause of power failure occurring in many apartments and businesses in a design district of Dallas early Tuesday morning.

It was still 6:00 o’clock in the morning when the police discovered an SUV turned on its side along block 1500 located in HiLine Drive. The car had also knocked down a utility post causing power failure in the area.

Firefighter emergency crew stated that the male driver was partially hurled out of the vehicle and then crushed under the SUV. Airbags were used to raise the wreck before they could free the victim inside. The male operator was rushed to the area hospital.

On January 9, a Good Samaritan appeared on the roadway personified by a passing motorcyclist who helped a driver get out from his burning truck. The rescued man was driving an 18-wheeler vehicle when it swerved towards a ramp at the freeway and crashed heads on to a wall.

The vehicle burst into flame and the motorcyclist saved one life.

The crashed occurred a little before 4:30 o’clock in the morning at the southbound ramp in 1-35E eastward at I-30.

This area is called Mixmaster as traffic is so heavy in all direction of 1- 30 and 1-35.

For some unknown reasons which might be due to the rain soaked streets, the operator of the 18-wheeler lost control and crashed over 150 feet of guardrail which was dividing the on ramp from the main 1-30 lanes.

His vehicle crashed into a wall and started to burn, but a motorist identified as Terry Sims stopped to help the driver..

She related that she saw flames underneath the wheeler so she pulled the driver out of the truck. Since the door would not budge; she pulled him through the window.

While the truck was burning, the driver sat dazed at the side of the street, although he was not seriously injured. Firefighters were on the scene and were able to extinguish the fire before it got to the fuel tank.

Due to the accident, the northbound and southbound traffic along I-35E was getting heavy so motorists going east were diverted to take Colorado Boulevard.

By 6:13 in the morning, the burned-out 18 wheeler was removed while a traffic jam was building.

After the police make their investigation, more information will be given out about the crash.

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