A fatal crash on the morning of Friday in Orangeburg County about eight miles south of Orangeburg at the intersection of South Carolina Highway 4 and Slab Landing Road near Pine Hill between Orangeburg and Neeses claimed the lives of four people, according to the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Sidney and Calla Mae Williamson both lost their lives after a car slammed into their truck on Highway 4. According to Highway Patrol LCpl. Bryan McDougald, the car that hit the Williamson’s truck had run through a stop sign. Both people inside that vehicle died as well.

McDougald added that the vehicle had completely disregarded the stop sign and never attempted to slow down for it which led them to believe that the occupants may have been unfamiliar with the area.

Gregg Albergotti, a business owner working near where the tragic incident happened, said that he’s not surprised to witness an accident happen at the intersection. He said that traffic moves fast through there and they had made numerous complaints about it.

According to trooper McDougald, the two-way stop is same to many others in the state and that facing a large volume of traffic in the state, accidents can happen. However, Albergotti wants change.

Albergotti had joined another community that calls for action following a similar accident in October where a woman, Sophie Dante Woodward, was killed when a truck collided with the bus she was driving at a two-way stop intersection. The intersection was subsequently made into a four way stop by the State Department of Transportation within a month.

Dating back to 1991, six accidents had happened at the Orangeburg County crossing but the recent one was the only fatal.
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