(Columbia) – Four people were killed in three separate accidents on Midland roads since Thursday afternoon.

Two men died on Thursday 2:08 in the afternoon in an accident on US 178 when a man lost control of his Chevrolet truck while travelling east on the highway. Both victims were not identified.

Patrol Troop Seven spokesman Lance Corporal Dwight Green said that the driver had tried to bring the vehicle back to the road but had overdone it to the left and ended up crashing into the tree line of a North Road home.

A single-vehicular accident on Old Hopkins Road around 9 in the evening of Thursday claimed the life of Nicole Wilson.

25-year-old Wilson was travelling east of Old Hopkins Road in high speed when she swerved off the road, overcorrected before losing control.

The vehicle turned over and the driver was ejected from the vehicle. The driver was not wearing any seatbelt.

Early morning of Friday, one person died in an accident on Interstate 20 near Kershaw. A Hispanic male driving a four-door Ford rear-ended an Isuzu pick-up at 3:12 in the morning. The victim’s identity was not released.

38-year-old Carl Balloon from Mullins, the truck driver, survived. The cause of the incident was not released.

James Vaughan, an instructor on the driving range at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy where police officers learn how to drive during high speed pursuits, shares information on what to do when a car leaves the roadway.

Vaughan says that most drivers hit the brakes or turn sharply back on the pavement and the result is over-correction and most likely, an accident. He said to just keep a straight line and keep the steering wheel straight and let the car slow down into a safe speed whilst continually checking for traffic and putting casual input on the steering wheel and bring it back to the roadway.

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