CAMARILLO, Calif. – A two car collision on early Monday morning near the Camarillo airport claimed the lives of four people.

An initial report at 6 in the morning regarding five parties that were trapped in the collision had the police responding to the area of Pleasant Valley Road and Las Posas Road. During the crash, officials say it was dark and foggy.

Preliminary investigation indicates that a Camry was headed eastbound on Pleasant Valley Road and was trying to overtake a car but since a Cadillac was approaching, it returned to its lane but the driver decide to make a second attempt.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Senior Deputy Julie Novak, when the driver made the second attempt, the driver panicked and swerved, lost the control and ended up in the westbound lane where it was broadsided by the Cadillac.

Both vehicles were estimated to travel between 55-60 mph when the posted limit was 55 mph.

Investigators describe the rural conditions of the road as “unsafe” since it was dark and foggy.

There were 5 people inside the Camry and three, who were in their early 20’s, were declared dead at the scene whilst the rest were in critical condition and subsequently taken to the hospital.

One of the two who was hospitalized died later on Monday and the second man is still in critical condition. The five men in the Camry were heading to work.

The 70-something driver of the Cadillac suffered minor injuries and was brought to the hospital. Identities of the men who died were not released until their families are notified.

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