March 23, 2013

It was early 5:30 o’clock this morning when a 40-year-old man identified as Kevin Golden, resident of Roman Forest was on his way heading east 105 SH just past Old 105. The weather was gloomy as it was raining heavily at the time. As his truck was coming down the overpass, it veered towards the westbound lanes and right into the path of a family car,

Inside the Volkswagen 2000 Jetta was Jennifer Clouse, age 27, resident of Cleveland. She was driving the car to bring her husband Nathan to work in Conroe. At the backseat were her two kids, son Jorden, age 6 and daughter, Bailey, age 8.

The Jetta that was on the way of the truck, crashed into the passenger door of the Dodge 2003 Ram pickup caused it to flip upside down. The engine was ejected from the truck.

Another driver was going west on 105 and was not able to see the engine in the hard rain. He slammed his car into the engine propelling it down the road. His vehicle was severely damaged but he was not harmed. There was another vehicle which hit one of the wheels that had broken off from the pickup. Few seconds later, a truck which could have been Dodge pickup crashed into the engine. The driver got off and surveyed the damage of his vehicle. He left without noticing the people involved in the crash.

When MCHD came to the scene, the entire Clouse family in the vehicle was dead. Golden was trapped inside his vehicle was extricated by the Firefighters. Due to inclement weather, the helicopter ambulance could not be used so Golden, in critical condition, was delivered by ambulance to Houston’s Hermann Hospital.

Justice of the Peace James Metts of the Montgomery County Precinct 4 said in his ten years of service to East Montgomery County, he considered this accident as the worst and most fatal as a whole family lost their lives. He ordered a funeral parlor to transport the victims to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

Authorities do not consider a factor in the crash; but they believed that the unpleasant weather played an important role in instigating the crash.

Prior to the event of the crash, there must have been countless vehicles passing on the scene and probably witnesses the whole scene. DPS has been going around talking to these motorists so they would give more information about the mishap.

Due to the crash that killed four people just after 5:30 o’clock in the morning, the State 105 east Highway at the intersection of Conroe and Cleveland was closed at 11:30 0’clock in the morning and stayed closed as investigators were making their preliminary investigation.

All the vehicles going westward were diverted through Splendora on FM 2090 then proceed north to 3083 FM towards Conroe.

Then all the traffic going east past Security have to take Old 105 then to south across the tracks on Daw Collins to 2090 FM 2090  east towards Splendora.

Police confirmed that at 5:30 o’clock on March 23, 2013, members of the Clouse family consisting of couple, Nathan and, Jennifer, with their 2 children, Jorden, age 6 and Bailey, age 8 died after a fatal head on collision along the 105 Hwy in Montgomery County.

Family members who are left behind are faced with the responsibility of paying for the funeral charges of the four members. Funerals are expensive and the family members have no means to secure the funds. Your donation will go a long way in helping the family bear the pain for the loss of loved ones. Giving any amount will at least ease part of the financial burden.

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Sources: Main Montgomery County Police Reporter