Halloween weekend is supposed to be a weekend of fun and parties especially to the youth. However, this Halloween weekend, four families mourn the tragic death of their sons in a vehicular accident dubbed to be one of Seattle’s deadliest accidents.

It was past to in the morning when the two-door Acura Integra carrying all the victims crashed into a maple tree. Video footage from a nearby apartment complex shows that the vehicle was heading northbound Rainier Avenue South when the driver tried to pass another car. Little did these youngsters know, tragedy awaits them.

As the driver tried to pass another vehicle, his control of the vehicle was lost and his vehicle crashed into a maple tree. The impact of the crash was so intense that their vehicle was cut into two parts.

As the police examined what remained of the vehicle, they uncovered beer from the inside of the vehicle. The authorities are still in the process of determining alcohol had contributed to this tragic incident.

The incident claimed the lives of four young men and injured two others. The deceased victims were identified as 20-year-old Joaquin Cervantes-Navarro, a resident of Seattle, 15-year-old Jose Andrade-Mora from Burien, 14-year-old Aaron Watson also from Burien, and 14-year-old Natanael Aguilar-Navarro, also from Seattle. Two other passengers, whose identities have not been released to the public, sustained life-threatening injuries. They are currently at Harborview Medical Center.

Each of the families of the deceased victims mourns the passing of their loved one. For Joaquin Cervantes-Navarro’s family, their apartment was filled with mourning last might.

Cervantes-Navarro, the oldest amongst the three children, was described by his sister to be a good brother. Their family came from Guanajuato, Mexico. They had been in Seattle for the past five years.
Cervantes-Navarro had worked at a local restaurant and was saving money in order to go back to Mexico and visit his friends and families.

Aside from working, Joaquin also goes to the Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center. A friend of the family added that Joaquin was a good son whose activities revolve only between school and work, and vice versa.

Joaquin Cervantes-Navarro’s family is planning to return his body to Mexico where a funeral will be held.

Watson’s family meanwhile had thought that their son was spending Halloween in a friend’s home. They had no idea about the tragic news that awaits them.

The bad news was broken to them by a pastor and a police officer who visited their house to bring the news that their son had been killed in a tragic accident.

Watson had been attending Evergreen High School in White Center where he is a ninth grader.

The tragic accident surely stunned the community and the school. Counselors, nurses and social workers were available at hand to assist students in overcoming the incident. The team will either speak to the students individually or by groups.

A social worker added that in some way, these incidents may affect students even if there was no direct involvement. To help those who are affected by this accident, the team of professionals is available and is ready to cater them according to their needs in order to get them through this incident.

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