Report from the Highway Patrol of California stated that four people sustained serious injuries last Sunday after a fiery car accident. This happened after a driver alleged to be DUI lost control and crashed the vehicle in Pasadena Freeway 134.

The  California Car Wreck occurred at about 6:40 o’clock early evening along the exit of Orange Grove Blvd. The operator was going eastbound when he hit the median dividing wall and crashed against a second vehicle then erupted into flame after the collision.

According to the CHP, motorists on the road saved the passengers from the blazing vehicle.

This mishap occurred when a 49-yer-old man from Crescenta was driving at top speed his Dodge 2010Challenger. He was trying to change along all five lanes from the farthest right lane towards the farthest left lane at the eastward 134 Freeway. For unknown reasons, he lost control and hit the median divider.

The impact was so strong that the Challenger was forced forward so it crashed into a Nissan 2002 that was traveling east at the speed of 65 MPH.

Two residents from Las Vegas were inside the Sentra when it erupted into flames after the collision.

Inside the Sentra was a man from Pasadena, age 47 who was injured and another injured passenger was inside the Challenger.

Identities of the crash victims were not immediately released but they were all delivered to area hospitals.

Authorities are   charging the Challenger operator with driving under the influence of alcohol.

Motorists were delayed as only one of the four lanes going east at the Boulevard of South Orange Grove Freeway 134 remained open after the crash happened at 7:15 o’clock in the evening. However, California Highway Patrol said that they were able to reopen all the lanes three hours later.

CHP considered two factors contributing to the crash: (1) the alcohol factor and (2) the speed factor. Even only speed can cause a crash but it becomes even riskier with the inclusion of alcohol.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the Ventura Freeway 134 was the location of a collision of two vehicles which caused one to flip over several times. With a number of people inside, it erupted into flame.

CHP Officer Tatiana Sauquillo stated that one of the vehicles flipped over several times and started burning with some people trapped inside. Sauquillo could not specify how many people were injured and their condition. He only knew that they were delivered to area hospitals. As of 11:00 o’clock in the evening of Sunday, there was no report of fatality.

Pasadena has been the favorite site for accidents as it has accounted for 4 out of the 346 fatalities and 1,124 of the 62,881vehicular injuries at Los Angeles County in 2010. This year, Pasadena is ranked number one out of 53 cities for incidences of fatal and injury crashes.

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