A car accident at Long Island parkway on a Monday morning took the lives of four eighteen year passengers and left the car cut in half after crashing into the trees, according New York State Police. The driver, a seventeen year old man, was brought to the hospital; he only possessed a learner’s permit.

The tragic accident happened at around 4 in the morning of Columbus holiday at westbound Southern State Parkway. The road was closed for more than 5 hours. In the inside of the vehicle, personal belongings of the victims could be seen.

Other car debris can be seen lying along a wooded area next to a neighborhood street. One resident of the area had said that a loud explosion had awakened her.

Amy Buchanan, a resident on nearby Taylor Road had said that she just heard a loud boom. The involved late-model Subaru had come to a stop at around 50 yards of Buchanan’s home. Neighbor’s of Buchanan had told her that it seemed that one survivor of the crash was seen lingering near the scene of accident.

The driver was identified to be Joseph Beer, 17-years old from Queens. His four passengers, whom the police had yet to identify, were ejected from the vehicle after Beer had failed to negotiate a curve in the road and smashed into the trees.

The wrecked front and back parts of the vehicle were placed separately onto a flatbed truck and was transported off the scene.

Buchanan had said that the area was a common site of accident and that almost every year, an accident happens in t he exact spot but this year’s had been the most catastrophic.

Parkway road was later reopened minutes before 10 in the morning.

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