TORONTO – Four teenagers lost their lives in a major accident near Parry Sound.
The tragic incident happened at around 2 in the afternoon of Tuesday on Highway 69 near Woods Road, in Parry Sound.

A Chevrolet Camaro was travelling southbound on Highway 69 when, according to the police, the driver lost control of the vehicle on the icy roads and ended up crossing the centre line where it struck a Honda Civic that was travelling the opposite way.

The Camaro did not move in the lane and was again it by an incoming vehicle that was travelling behind the Honda Civic.

Both the driver of the Camaro Jessica Chamberland, 18, and her passenger, Alyssa Mckeown, 17, died on the scene. The driver of the Civic, Torry Mcintyre-Courville, 18, and a passenger, Cole Howard, 19, also perished from the injuries they sustained.

Two other passengers inside the Civic, Nicholas Bradley, 19, and Connor Kennedy, 14, are still in the hospital in serious condition.

Group Facebook pages are starting to grow in memoriam of the victims. Families and friends share their memories with the victims.

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