At least one man died and a woman was critically injured in a four-vehicle accident. The tragic happening took place Sunday afternoon on U.S. 290 Highway just at the east of Fredericksburg caused the death of one man and a multiple-day hospital stay for a woman.

The victim was identified as Walter Wesley Ellebracht iii, age 38, and resident of Fredericksburg who was declared dead on the scene. He expired 1:45 o’clock in the afternoon of Sunday, January 20 at number 8734 U.S. 290 Highway 290 by Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace, Louis Rech.

Debra Lynn Coler, age 54, resident of Denton was one of the drivers involved in the incident. She was immediately delivered to Medical Center of San Antonio where their spokesperson  yesterday afternoon said remains in “stable condition” and is on her way to recovery from injuries sustained in the trauma center.

Ellebracht was operating a Chevy 1999 Blazer going west and approaching 290 U.S, Highway in Fredericksburg  when his car swerved into the opposite traffic lane, this was the result of Trooper Coy Morales of the Public Safety Department.

According to Morales the vehicle of Ellebracht vehicle s hit the right-front area of a Chevrolet 2011 Suburban which was operated by 59-years-old James Ely Hibbet, resident of Houston. After the collision, it traveled into the lane and crashed head-on with a 2009 Coler Subaru Forester.

There was debris coming from both vehicles of Ellebracht and Coler which were hurled back and hit a Ford 2008 -150 pickup. The fourth vehicle had Justin Lee Keahey, age 22, and resident of Terrell at the wheel.

Coler was delivered to the Medical Center of San Antonio with critical injuries. The other drivers Hibbett and Keahey sustained only minor injuries but were examined in the local hospital.

January 23, 2013 – After an early morning crash, traffic was flowing smoothly at No. 45 Interstate in Leon County that closed down a portion of the highway.

The weather might have instigated the mishap that foggy Wednesday morning  when a pickup truck and an18-wheeler collided at about  6:15 o’clock  a.m.

Due to the crash, there was a traffic mess-up from U.S. 79 Highway to State 164 Highway.164. Authorities had the northbound traffic detoured off from the interstate while only one lane was allowed to the traffic on the southbound side of the highway.

Although, it was reported that the accident reaped one fatality but it was not confirmas as investigation is ongoing.

January 23, 2013 –  Tonight, one male victim was transported to UMC Hospital due to an injury sustained from a mishap along the S.W. Lubbock County just at the vicinity of Hockley County line.

DPS troopers reported that before 6:00 o’clock in the early evening of Wednesday, Salvador Trevino, Jr., age 54 and resident of Lubbock was traveling west along  US 62/82 just at the vicinity of FM 1585 when he rear-ended a tractor.

Trevino crashed into the blade at the back of the tractor that was also traveling driving westward on the shoulder of the road.

The tractor operator was identified as Abraham Gunther; 42-years-old from Brownfield who was not injured.

Officials, however, reported that Trevino, Jr. sustained serious injuries. According to Trevino, Jr. he was unable to see the tractor as he was blinded by the sun.

Due to the accident, traffic on 62/82 was backed up, which led to a second accident along the road.  A vehicle rear-ended another but no serious damage happened.

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