WOODLAND HILLS – An effort to raise funds for the two girls who lost their parents on a car crash last week was launched, with the proceeds for the help in the payment of medical bills.

The fund drive was started on Tuesday by the officers with the LAPD’s Topanga Division in order to help the girl’s with their needs.

Senior Lead Officer Sean Dinse said that they want to do what they can for the girls.

Officer Amir Abolfazlian added that they wanted to be there for those who are in need. The girls will have ongoing medical needs.

A crash in a residential Woodland Hills neighborhood killed Dino, 46, and Leila “Rosa” Milon, 45, and critically injured their daughters Nila, 12, and Lyla, 10. The girls were brought to Northridge Hospital Medical Center.

It appeared that Dino Milon, the driver of the Toyota RAV 4, may have sped whils going down a steep hill near the 20400 block of West Califa Sreet, ran into a stop sign, swerved to avoid another car, tipping his vehicle onto its side before it rammed a parked Ford F-250 pick-up and overturning upside down. Investigation still continues.

Pareesa Nindra, the girls’ cousin, said that there have been a progress in recovery but reconstructive surgeries along with rehabilitation is expected. She added that they will definitely survive.

One of the children had already asked for their mother but medical experts advised them to wait until the children are strong physically before anyone inform them about the crash.

The girls will celebrate birthdays this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Edward “Saeed” Porhassan, Dino;s brother, said that their family is still in shock.

His brother had just finished a law degree and was not a kind of person who would endanger the children and wife. The family had been in Woodland Hills over 10 years, and longer in California.

Pourhassan’s said that their major concern is how to tell the children of what happened. He is also grateful for the support of the police, community and the care rendered by the hospital.

Money will also be of assistance to the burial services that will be held on Thursday at Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth.

Donations are accepted at Chase Bank, account number 3039987387 or call Abolfazlian at 818-631-5432.

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