CAMILLA, Ga. — A sex offender wanted in Florida was arrested by the authorities in southwest Georgia. But this was after he led the police on an hour long chase; however, he was only apprehended when he crashed into a ditch.

For quite some time, authorities in Fla. had been looking for this sex criminal who left a long trail of offenses back there. At last the police was able to arrest the sex offender that was wanted in Florida. He was such a clever fellow who led the authorities into a long chase if only to escape. The chase lasted for more than an hour. His car was running on top speed, crashed into ditch, so he was arrested.

According to the police, the chase began Tuesday night in Abbeville, Ala., and finished 75 miles away in the southwest Georgia city of Camilla.

The arrested suspect was identified as Mathew Bozell; age 26. He was wanted by the authorities as he failed to register as a sex offender in Florida where he was on probation for sexual battery of a juvenile. Police discovered that the car the suspect was driving in the crashed was a stolen vehicle from Palmetto, Fla.

Although, the chase was a long one and in several places, there was no other car or people involved in the accident. The sex offender was escaping from Florida. He will be under the custody of South Georgia for the night. The officers were exhausted as the top speed chase lasted for more than an hour after passing four counties.

The chase came to an end when the car of the suspect crashed rolled over and landed in a ditch at the intersection of Oakland Avenue and Broad Street. The crash took place at about 7:00 o’clock in the evening.

The man arrested was Mathew Bozell who was speeding in a car that he stole from Palmetto, Florida. The police from Fort Gaines picked up the chase at the state line. The suspect was trying his best to elude the police as the chase passed through four counties.

Bozell led officers on a merry chase at top speed along several places from counties of Abbeville, Alabama Clay, Calhoun, Baker, and Mitchell before his swan down in Camilla.

Bozell was fortunate that none of the police used a gun to make him stop; they just allow him to lead in the merry chase.

On probation in Florida, Bozell is a dirty sex offender having assaulted sexually children from ages12 to 15 years. Bozell was wanted for he absconded by failing to register as sex offender as required in the charges filed.

After he crashed into a ditch, he was given treatment for minor injuries at Phoebe Putney but will be heading back to the jail of Clay County.  He will be facing numerous serious charges in the courts of Georgia.

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